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Deborah Brissenden

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Why Wombat Wisdom?

Wombats have held a special place in my heart for as long as I can recall. Growing up in Australia, the joy of spotting one during a bush walk or stumbling upon traces of their nocturnal adventures never failed to excite me. Despite being underestimated and somewhat overshadowed by their more renowned Aussie counterparts, wombats possess a unique blend of intelligence, distinctiveness, and adaptability. Their unique traits, including square-shaped droppings, rear-facing pouches, and the ability to move very quickly despite their sturdy build, make them a source of constant fascination and surprise.

A group of wombats is aptly called a “wisdom,” and as a learner, leader, and educator, I firmly believe that unlocking the collective experiences, energies, and ingenuity of a community can lead to boundless discoveries, creative breakthroughs, and remarkable achievements. Join me on this journey...


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About Me

  • An experienced, dedicated, and accomplished teacher and senior administrator.
  • A successful leader of strategic planning, project articulation and management, curriculum development, and faculty mentoring.
  • A creator of quality programs that promote an organization’s mission, develop a culture of joy and excellence, and fulfill strategic goals.
  • A guide that sets, meets, and inspires high standards.
  • A big-picture strategic thinker and a detailed, focused collaborator.
  • A team-builder, creating time for discussions of pedagogy, innovation, change, and the space for its challenges.
  • A learner who listens, experiments, collaborates, and improves.
  • An educator who delights in interactions with students, colleagues, and parents.
  • A walker, artist, reader, traveler, creator, iterator, and always a learner!

Connections Across Disciplines

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Connecting business and educational theory to improve self reflection, organizational knowledge, and working structures


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Facilitating the unique articulation and design of a school’s Curriculum Scope and Sequence and a Faculty and Staff Learning and Growth Program

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Personal Learning & Growth

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My career and life have been filled with rich and diverse experiences, which have provided ample opportunities for reflection, learning, and growth. I've acquired new skills and insights through my formal educational experiences and the chance to navigate rewarding and challenging situations. I strive to discover new sources of inspiration, develop into the person I aspire to be, and embrace the tasks and adventures ahead of me.

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Life-LonG Learning & Reflection

Life Balance

A Well-prioritized


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Organizational Learning & Growth

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I believe organizations, like people, are responsible for embracing continued learning and growth. Creating safe, transformational, and transparent cultures is vital to developing leaders who can become creative problem-solvers, peaceable change-makers, ethical decision-makers, and successful collaborators at all levels.

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Business Finance Responsibility Leadership

Developing A Learning & Growth Program

Creating cultures of learning

Understanding Leadership & Leading


Wombat Wisdom


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ESsays oN Learning, Growth, & reflection

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